IamHere – Know People in a Single Tap

IamHere – Know People in a Single Tap

One should pursue what they dream of that can help them to receive their maximum joy. When we desire to be self-sufficient, the joy replicates that motivates us to perform with double the zeal. The delight of ‘giving’ is one of the biggest joys that could be cherished. One such startup ‘IamHere’ believes in sharing ideas globally.

The ultimate reason for satisfaction lies in what we do. We came to know about a platform that can guide us in meeting the people with the same interests for a better idea and lots of collaboration, which is the perfect place for exchanging ideas or similar thoughts. 

However, social media helps in balancing society. But there are chances of exchange of irrelevant information, and they might be the reasons for fraud or a gamble.

Here the small start-up projects can take the lead to create a platform where all can interact on a global scale and perform similar tasks. This eventually can lead to national utility. 

What is IamHere?

 Start-ups play one of the most essential roles in screening one’s self-confidence. The best option is when a start-up aims to connect people globally according to their interests. What could be more amazing than this! 

 Here’s a fascinating start-up is IamHere, a Bangalore-based hyperlocal social marketplace app, which is smoothly expanding across India. They have a catchy tagline #Now you know.

While using an app, one needs simple dynamics to understand how the features are and what the basics are.

 Hence the app needs to be user-friendly. The app should have simple algorithms which need to be understood by everyone. IamHere is the best alternative for the same. It has a simple algorithm, can easily be used by any age group, has easy features, and joins people with security.

Who can use IamHere?

  • User friendly
  • All age groups.
  • This application is effortless to understand and available in native languages (vernacular), along with its excellent resource connectivity that helps to connect easily. 
  • The app is widely used by mass communication enthusiasts, journalists, business tycoons, and, occasionally, by all professional people.

How does the App work?

The app will respond when someone else shows interest in your interest and will map it. The app creates a chat interface for the people, and you can continue or discontinue with the respective chat.

Activities of IamHere

  • They have made a special policy of conducting the Daan-Utsav. During Daan Utsav, the Joy of Giving Week, which takes place every October from the 2nd to the 8th. I am here, a NASSCOM-incubated business that will now host 8700+ NGOs in conjunction with GuideStar India.
  • Organising Fundraising events.
  • IamHere is now rated as India’s largest and most trustworthy NGO information repository.

Why should one use IamHere?

  • People seeking to make a big difference in society will be able to use the camera App to connect with NGOs supporting a variety of causes in their area and communicate and interact with them. 
  • All of the necessary information about the NGO, such as the causes it supports, upcoming events, and current campaigns, is available with a single tap.
  • People who wish to expand their business globally can actively use the app to reach more audiences, people who wish to interact occasionally as the platform gives the best possible interface to interact for those who want to learn different languages can opt for the app 
  • Professional work- to expand the business.
  • Storytelling/entertainment

Is the app secure?

  • The app is extremely secure. They immediately report the inappropriate user. Only the business details are forwarded. If the user feels uncomfortable, they can go back and end the conversation. 
  • The chances of fraud are almost nil.
  • There is a mediator, i.e., the app monitors the users’ activities, and inappropriate work is either self-reported or ceased for the user. 
  • The help system is kept confidential and convenient for the users.

How can volunteers help?

  • Volunteer help is always a great help to society.
  • Volunteers and material donations are welcomed from anybody who is willing to help. Through the app’s connection with Dana mojo and Giv-Now, money donations are also possible with Guide-star India-approved NGOs. People involved in social campaigns may now go to NGOs and get first-hand insight into some of the most critical issues that NGOs deal with. They can raise funds for society.


In the end, the app has it all that can entertain you, help you professionally. The app has numerous benefits and has gained popularity due to its user-friendly format. The app is simple and effective. 

To find your interests!

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