Unbeatable advantages of Bamboo Diapers

Unbeatable advantages of Bamboo Diapers

There are many options while you go out for a hunt with regards to diapers. On one hand, there are the popular and highly advertised generic disposable diapers and on the other hand, there are the much-appreciated bamboo diapers. Bamboo diapers are relatively new in the market as compared to their counterparts and have been loved by parents and their toddlers alike. A much healthier and happier choice is the bamboo diapers that not only come as disposable diapers but also leave considerable amounts of benefits when it comes to the environment. Their ever-increasing demand has made it possible to have their availability on both online and offline stores. Though there are almost unlimited benefits of using the bamboo diapers, given below are some of the key points as to why you should switch to bamboo diapers without any further ado :

  • Higher absorbency- 

We have often noticed as to how the lack of proper moisture can leave the diapers around our toddlers all saggy, wet and uncomfortable, often leaving patches of rashes on the little ones. Also, the lack of absorbency can lead to your toddler often crying away cause of the discomfort that they are unable to talk about. But the bamboo diapers not only give your babies a range of motion as they stay dry but also help you steal away some me- time. Bamboo diapers are known to have a much better absorbency as compared to their counterpart, cotton, that’s used in almost every generic diapers. As compared to cotton diapers, bamboo diapers can soak in about two times more liquid. Lesser the wetness, lesser are the chances of irritation or rashes and also lesser the need for diaper changes, hence definitely being monetarily beneficial for you. 

  • No harsh chemicals.

Babies have one of the softest skins. What’s more? The tender skin of the baby’s bottom, Knicks and other sensitive areas are softer. Exposing them to the harsh and lethal chemicals of generic diapers can often over a long period result in unwanted exposure to life-threatening chemicals. Bamboo diapers and their claim to fame mostly depend on the fact that they come exclusive of any harsh chemicals. From alcohol, chlorine, latex, phthalates, perfumes, to preservatives, there are an almost unlimited amount of toxic chemicals that are put into our kid’s diapers without any proper knowledge. Some of the chemicals might be in small amounts, whereas others are put into gigantic amounts. Nonetheless, both ways, there are chances of the kid being exposed to unnecessary toxic chemicals. 

  • Naturally Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, and Bacteriostatic Properties.

Bamboo diapers along with the much-praised properties have the biggest assets of being natural. These diapers are naturally antibacterial, hence saving your toddlers from bacterial diseases. Also, the bamboo diapers are hypoallergenic meaning that they are perfect for the tender skin of your toddlers as it doesn’t cause any sort of irritation or allergy. 

  • They are a gift to nature, by nature

Bamboo diapers are biodegradable. A boon at decreasing the carbon footprint dramatically. A regular diaper is known to take about a total of five centuries to decompose. And the bamboo diapers? They are better than cloth diapers as they have decreased hassle and also far better than generic diapers as they require only seventy-five days to decompose. This cuts short the amount of waste that we leave behind in the landfills and also ensures that there’s a steady amount of decrease in the carbon footprint. It’s estimated that a single person throughout thousands of diapers in a single year results in a mind-boggling amount of damage to the environment. Considering the bamboo diapers help you in doing a lot for a    greener earth, leaving behind a bright future for both your toddler and the environment. 

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